Nani’s  Estate dates back in 1967, when the family moves from Villaga town to Nanto. Nani Primo Rizzieri and his son Antonio, bought a few acres of land and began to grow vines, to produce white and red wine, according to the strict rules of Berici Hills’ disciplinary.  In the 80s Antonio, carring on the cellar, increased the production and bought acres, equipment for storage and winemaking.

In 2013 Antonio Nani met Gianluca Graziani and Daniele Zorzi, grown in the wine business, all together they found out to share the same passion and love for the vines and wines.  Antonio, after giving all his knoledge and experience, decided to leave  the property to Graziani and Zorzi.

  Today they carry on the Estate with renewed passion and love.