Tai Rosso DOC Colli Berici

Tocai Rosso is the prince of the Berici Hills’ wines. Pale ruby red colour . Fresh aroma, scented with notes of  cherry, blackberry and raspberry. The taste is full, soft, with delicate tannin and a pleasant freshness, followed by a fruity aftertaste, with almonds note when aged. Ideal with “baccalà alla vicentina”, pasta and light dishes. Alc. 12,50%.Vol. Serve at 16°-18° C.

Merlot DOC Colli Berici

Intense ruby colour clean aroma with notes of raspberry, small fruits of the undergrowth,  herbaceous. Medium bodied , with fruit flavours and light tannin. Ideal with pasta, poultry, white and red meat. Alc. 12,50%.Vol. Serve at 16°-18° C.

Cabernet Veneto IGT

Wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon and  Cabernet Franc, ruby red colour with violet shimmer. Aroma with raspberry, violet and vegetal notes. Well structured flavour, dry, fruity and velvety. Ideal with game, venison, red meat such as beef and lamb, all type of cheeses. Alc. 12,50%.Vol. Serve at 18° C.

Syrah Veneto IGT

Syrah di Nanto – Product De.Co.

This wine is the king of  Nani reds, a selection of the best grapes of Syrah. After a long  fermentation, it matures in large oak casks.  Intense ruby red colour , fruity notes of black berry and plums, spicy  notes of coffee and chocolate, The taste is  warm, velvet wit good tannin.  Ideal with roasted meat, venison and cheese. Alc. 13,50%.Vol. Serve at 18° -20° C.

“Antonio” Rosso Veneto IGT

The color is ruby red with purple reflexes, intense, with persistence. The smell is every time in evolution. The smell reminds red fruits, cherry jam, berries. Also the spicy perfumes like cocoa, cinnamon and black pepper are present. The nose complexity is confirmed also in the mouth;  velvet and softness gives to the wine a good persistence, wanted in a fine aged wine. The ideal food pairing is with red meats, ripe cheeses, or the best is for meditation. Alc. 14%.Vol. Serve at 18-20° C.