Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra vergin olive oil made from olives of Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Rasara, coming from the Berici , this oil is obtained by cold pressing of olives. Formats: 0,5 L, 0,75 L, 5 L bag in box.

Grappa of Nani

Made from a carefully selection of Cabernet pomace. Distillation is carried out following the traditional discontinuos process of double boiling, which exalts the taste and the scent. Bright, crystal and clear  colour . Grassy  notes with small berry fruit. Velvet,  soft, warm enchanting taste with a spicy finish of liquirice  and black pepper. Serve at 12°-14° C.

Aged Grappa

Master distillers, tank to double distillation of chardonnay and moscato skins, got Nani’s “Grappa invecchiata”, with a good personality. The colour is amber. Distillate unique and precious particularly for the elegance and well balanced fragrances.  It gives the palate an unmistakable fineness. For meditation. Alc. 40%.Vol. Serve at 16-17° C.

Olive Liquor

It is a liquor with digestive properties, the color is green intense and the taste is balsamic, just a little bit bitter. It is versatile, it can be tasted like it is, with ice in summer, and more, hot with a lemon slice in winter. It is very good also on ice-cream, on the crèpes and into cocktails. Alc. 30%.Vol. Serve at 4-6° C.